Glazing problem?

If you have a broken window pane or door pane, what do you do? First thing is not to panic or try and clear the glass up on your own. Call a reliable emergency glazing firm who can make your property safe and secure and restore it back to normal.

An emergency glazier could be required for any number of glazing reasons. Your property may have been broken into, or children are playing with a football too close to yourwindow, Or perhaps you lost your keys and had to smash a window to gain access. Also high winds or vandalism are many other reasons why you may need to make that call to a glazing expert

Experienced emergency glaziers are available day and night on call when you require them the most. Emergency glazing companies are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and generally offer hours response where possible.

Points to consider to inform the glaziers of before making the call are:

Is the window pane arched or rounded in any way?

Windows such as these must be made from a template and are often time-consuming.

Is the window located on the first or second floor?

Some Windows (especially older wooden ones) can be glazed from the outside only, making second-floor installations significantly more difficult.

If the broken window is the result of a break-in, have the police been there yet?

In such cases, the glass repair company is often required to wait until the fingerprint technician has completed his or her work.


Glass companies realise that you’re not a glass window expert, but knowing the answers to as many of these questions as possible will help considerably. Giving them to the company when you speak with when you call for service will certainly increase the probability that the responder will have the right size and type of glass to fix your window that same day.

Most importantly, though, try to stay clear of the broken glass. Whenever possible, let the glass company clean it up. They are the glazing professionals and know how to handle it safely.