Spring Cleaning

Everyone dreads spring cleaning. It seems like an impossible task, especially with work, kids, and all the other challenges life gives you. Here in America it seems that everyone wants to hire people to do their cleaning, however, sometimes that doesn’t work out that well.  Recently, we hired a company to clean our carpets and I cannot tell you how terrible it was. They gave a quote of $125 for four rooms. I think that was great. Then they get to my house began telling me all the reasons they had to add charges after they’d done all the work. By the time they were finished I paid $326.48. I was shocked, but I needed my carpets cleaned because I have a stepson who has severe allergies and it is a necessity to have my carpets cleaned twice a year. I normally had done it myself, but decided to hire one of the local companies. I can assure you I will never make this mistake again.

Do not let these issues happen to you. You do not have to hire expensive cleaners. You get can everything done on your own. Yes, it does take a little bit of effort, but it is definitely worth it. If you start to think about hiring someone to do your cleaning for you, make a list of how much you would spend and what you could buy with that money. That will definitely encourage you to do your own spring cleaning. Here’s a Checklist to ensure that you can accomplish all of your spring cleaning on your own:

  • Windows
    • Start on the outside of the house. It’s spring you want the sunshine to shine through after a long winter. Most people only clean one side of their windows, but it is important to clean both sides. So start on the mostly forgotten side and you will have no problems getting both sides of your window done.
  • Bathroom
    • Vacuum or Sweep first. This is important. Your bathroom has curves that you often forget about when you are rushing to clean. For those really hard to reach spaces use the attachments that come with your vacuum.
    • Clean the rest of the bathroom as you would normally. Make sure that you go through all your drawers and cabinets to get rid of unwanted items.
    • Use a nice refreshing smell like citrus to make the bathroom smell of the new weather coming.
  • Kitchen
    • Make a list of everywhere you have not cleaned during the winter. These area are the spaces between your stove, under your refrigerator, the top of the over hood, inside of the dishwasher, window molding, light fixtures, and underneath any counter top appliances. This will help you get your kitchen clean and you will be proud know that you have gotten all the hard clean to spaces clean.
    • Go through your pantry and get rid of anything that has expired. Check you sauces, canned food, spices, or any other dried packaged food. This will allow you to have additional space for new food, which is always appreciated in the kitchen.
    • Reorganize your cabinets. Yes, it is time to stack those pots and pans back to the way they used to be. It will be so much easier when you are cooking to find what you are looking for. Make sure your silverware and cooking utensils are organized. If you do not have adequate space for everything then stores like the Dollar Tree sell adorable containers that work great for organization. You do not have to shop at expensive stores to organize your home. Organizing your kitchen will enable you in the future to save time by not having to search for stuff.
  • Dining and Living Room
    • Get rid of the clutter. It is time to see the surface of your coffee table again. Get rid of all that junk mail and old magazines that you have been saving. There is no need to keep that clutter around. You will find it easier to relax in a home with little to no clutter.
    • Make sure you dust all your pretties. We love to decorate, but we hate dusting all our decorations. This is the best time to go ahead and get all that dust off of everything. It’s much healthier and it will lower any triggers for asthma in the room.
  • Bedroom
    • Clean out the closet and the drawers. It’s time to look at everything you have not worn in the past year and get rid of them. Do not allow your mind to tell you that you still need the black dress you have not worn for the past 10 years. It is time to donate that pretty little dress to a reputable charity or you can sell it and buy yourself a new black dress. It is important to make sure that you make room for the new clothes you will get yourself this year. Make sure that you organize your closet and drawers so everything is easy to find.
    • Clean your bedframe and headboard. If you have a wooden headboard use a polish to shine it up and make it look new again. You will feel great when you go to bed seeing a shiny headboard.

None of us love cleaning, but it is a simple task. I know there are times where I think when will I ever have time to clean. I look at everything I have to do and think, well maybe I can do it tomorrow, but then more things happen and the house kind of piles up. It happens to all of us. It is definitely nothing to be ashamed of, but spring cleaning will give you a renewed sense of love for your home. Sometimes a home can be a refuge from the storm waiting outside and if it isn’t in top shape it can just seem like one more thing to accomplish. So go ahead and tackle spring cleaning. I promise you will not regret it.



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